About Us

Agroamérica Trade & Consulting was founded in Miami, United States by a group of professionals with extensive experience in agribusiness and business area which had the initiative to create a company that has all the tools techniques and trained human capital to provide a service according to customer needs.

We are a company with experience growing international leader in consulting and development of agricultural and agribusiness projects , we have presented the most diverse and innovative solutions in the implementation of projects and the acquisition and marketing of agricultural products and equipment . From an idea we create your project considering all possible innovative alternatives in the field of agribusiness always tailored to their needs.

In the international market brands currently working as NEW HOLLAND AGRICULTURE, JOHN DEERE, MASSEY FERGUNSON, VOLVO, CASE AGRICULTURA, EURO MACHINE TOOL, MACK, CAPRARI PUMPING POWER, AGRISEM, CATERPILLER, MARANI Y APACHE. We as a slogan to market products of the highest quality.

The company’s strategy seeks satisfy our customers , delivering value to shareholders and serving the community responsibly.

Our Values


The achievement of our strategic goals is directly dependent on our commitment to the practice of core values that have been cultivated.

  •  Passion for service and customer focus.
  •  Innovation and creativity
  • Quality and productivity
  •  Respect, integral development and staff excellence
  • Honesty, integrity and austerity
  •  Loyalty to the Company and identification with it.

A Great Opportunity

The exchange of goods and services across international borders or territories, representing a large portion of GDP of any country. The importance of economic and social policy, has become increasing advances through the industrial, transport and also by globalization.

The emergence of multinational corporations and outsourcing, brought Agroamerica the maximum level of intercontinental relations in the provision of services such as high levels of security.

Our Goals

In Agroamérica are aware of the responsibility we to accept your project. To ensure your satisfaction we offer:

  • The best motivated multidisciplinary team to complete your project in less time, bring your ideas into viable projects.
  • We offer you the most suitable material and agricultural products, thinking about the responsibility of preserving the environment.
  • work with the formation of the direction of your project, empowering people and identification of leaders according to appropriate technology.
  • Operate and assist full-time according to the will of our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Agroamerica  aware us of the importance that our presence has on social development of each project we produce. Agriculture should be the basis for the economic support of every nation in the world where we support unconditionally so that this desire becomes a reality.

The development of the productive sector and food processing, should be the fundamental basis for the sustainability of any nation, as well as participation in social and economic development in the quest for sovereignty.

Our Suppliers and Partners

In AgroAmerica offer the best product to our clients, we work with the best suppliers worldwide, offering a premium product, as well as also our knowledge, experience and dedication, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Among our suppliers are: